Q&A With Jonica: Valentine's Day Dos & Don'ts

By Oxygen

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so we caught up with everybody's favorite BGC couple Blu and Jenn! Unlike so many fairweather BGC lovers, they're still going strong. How do they do it? We asked Jonica, plus we got some Valentine's Day tips from the notorious lover Bad Girl. 

Oxygen: How have you and Jenn been doing? Give us an update! 

Jonica: We're good now...ask in about an hour and you might hear something different! We're just like every other relationship. It's not always peaches and cream, but we'd rather have bad peaches n cream with each other than have some fresh peaches with someone else lol

What's your secret to sticking together? 

Trust and communication! We're in a long distance relationship., so all we have is that. Oh and FaceTime! If she think I'm up to no good, she'll FaceTime me so fast, and vice versa. 

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? 

Well Jenn's birthday is February 16 so she's coming to where I'm at for Valentine's Day and her birthday. We give each other gifts all the time, so really us being together will be enough -- so she says -- but she knows I can't just not do anything so I have something special in mind.

Give us some Dos and Don'ts for valentines day.

1.  Do NOT not do anything. 

Everyone says "don't get me anything," especially girls, but deep down they're expecting something so even if it's a card and a hug. it's always the thought that counts.

2. Your Valentine doesn't always have to be a lover. My parents get me something EVERY year and vise versa. It's a day to show your LOVE. I might make one of my grandmothers my Valentine too this year! ☺️ 

3. Make it thoughtful. Anyone can go buy a bear and a card, but show your loved one why you got it for them. EXAMPLE: If you wear a perfume/cologne they like, then spray that on the bear so they think about you every time they hold it. 

4. You don't need a lot money to make someone happy on this day; the best gifts are inexpensive and thoughtful! 

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