Bad Girls Club Casting Special Personality Profiles

We're only a week away from the debut of #BGC14! Get the lowdown on the cast. 

By Eric Shorey

We're only a week away from the debut of BGC 14! We've reviewed outfits from the trailer, we've made our predictions, and now we finally get to meet our girls! In the casting special, we got a better sense of the brawling beauties of this season. We've created some psychological snapshots of our belligerent besties to summarize what we saw in the casting special.

1. Jela

Hometown: Houston.

Nickname: The Houston Hustler.

Age: 25.

Issues: Mommy issues. More specifically: raised by single mother who was never affectionate, never taught Jela about love.

Best accessory: Bottle of liquor in her bathroom.

Position in social hierarchy: Queen Bee.

Notable idiosyncrasy: Always wears white (Bitch, don't try that in New York. We wear black here.)

We're looking forward to: The Jela Show. Throwdown with Lauren.

Choice Quote: “My eyebrows are on fleek. My everything is on fleek.”

2. Lauren

Hometown: Atlanta.

Nickname: The Red Hot Redneck.

Age: 23.

Issues: Indulges in substances. Still mourning brother, who died of a drug overdose.

Best Accessory: Mud.

Position in social hierarchy: That drunk girl whose hair you need to tie back; or, “A Little Skanky Poo”

Notable idiosyncrasy: “I'm the hot ass Honey Boo Boo.”

We're looking forward to: Sloppy partying.

Choice Quote: “Thank god my dad shot a dear this season because we got no dear meat in the freezer and my momma's complaining.”

3. Kat

Hometown: Zion (not the one from the Matrix, though).

Nickname: The Lusty Loudmouth.

Age: 23.

Issues: Explosive anger. Like, big time.

Best Accessory: Bad Girls Club tattoo.

Position in social hierarchy: Seductress.

Notable idiosyncrasy: Can turn anyone gay for a day.

We're looking forward to: Strip club party time!

Choice quote: “If opportunity is knocking I'm going to answer that f*cking door.”

4. Tina

Hometown: Queens (what up New York!)

Nickname: The Sultry Showstopper.

Age: 22.

Issues: Abandonment issues caused by absent father.

Best Accessory: Thot Juice AKA A can of Strawberita.

Position in social hierarchy: Loudmouth AF.

We're looking forward to: Tina “getting married” to Kat.

Choice Quote: “Any bitch that has the attention, that's what I don't f*ck with. I'm the spotlight.

5. Jas

Hometown: Chicago.

Nickname: The Southside Slugger.

Age: 21.

Issues: Was very close and dependent on grandmother, who taught her to be a Bad Girl and recently passed away.

Best Accessory: Hooters T-shirt (from working at Hooters. Get that coint girl.)

Position in Social Hierarchy: Mastermind.

We're looking forward to: Honest moments with Jela and the Clermont twins.

Choice Quote: “Baby, you for the birds.”

6. The Clermont Twins

Hometown: New York (what up!)

Nickname: The Power Princesses.

Age: 20 (we're sure they don't have a fake ID that says otherwise).

Issues: Extreme codependence.

Best Accessory: Chloe and Chase (two teacup yorkies).

Position in Social Hierarchy: Only hanging out with each other.

We're looking forward to: A pop-off with Lauren?

Choice Quote: Shannade: “I'm always right!” Shannon: “No.”

Bad Girls Club: Back For More premieres Tuesday, August 11 at 8/7c!

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