BGC9's Erika Has Inside Scoop About BGC14 Girls "Wilin' Out"

Erika, AKA Lucci Vee, also talks about her new mixtape, Guard Your Grill 2: The Knockout. 

By Eric Shorey

Erika is one of the most memorable girls in Bad Girls history. With her iconic moments as a fast-mouthed insult artist and her legendary “I Don't Understand” dance, what's lesser known to BGC addicts is her thriving rap career. On the verge of the release of her third mixtape, we caught up with the artist Lucci Vee and talked hip-hop and realness.

Thanks for talking to us! Can you tell us what you're working on right now?

Right now I'm working on my third mixtape. It's called Guard Your Grill 2: The Knockout. It's the second installment of my first mixtape Guard Your Grill. It's almost done. It's a whole bunch of different sounds, I got a whole new flow, a whole new everything. It's crazy, everybody that heard some of the new stuff that's on there, they're all like “Oh my gosh, G!” I'm excited for it to come out.

Who are you working with on it?

I'm working with a lot of different producers. From Chicago, London, Texas, Atlanta. I don't have too many features. I'm trying to focus on me. I got a couple of features from a few Chicago artists.

What are you listening to right now?

My favorite artist right now is Future. I got his stuff on rotation. I'm part of the Future house. For the past two months that's all I've been listening to. I listen to a lot of Lil Wayne, he's my all time favorite artist. But for the past two months I've just been listening to all my stuff, my own mixtape, just trying to perfect everything. Maybe I said something a certain way, if I want to change it, or if I did some ad-libbing I might want to take it out. So I've been listening to that over and over to make sure I love it before I get it out to the public.

Do you have a release date for it?

Not yet. I'm still recording some more songs for it. I want to have more of it than I really want to put out so I can pick and choose my favorite ones. I don't want to pick a date before I'm done because I did that with Confessions of a Glamazon. I had a date set but I had to push it back, and I don't want to do that and disappoint my fans again. I'd rather have a complete package before I choose the date.

Have you been doing live shows?

Yeah, definitely. I'm performing everywhere. Houston, Atlanta, The Bahamas twice, New York, California. I've performed in Chicago a million, trillion times. I've performed at every club down here. I go crazy at my shows. I'm jumping. I'm bringing girls on the stage to twerk with me.

Changing the subject a little, what was your favorite moment from being on BGC?

I think I had more fun when I did All Star Battle. My favorite thing was getting to know Jenn. She's one of the sweetest Bad Girls I ever met. That was my favorite part, building a relationship with her.

Have you seen the trailer for the new BGC? What do you think of the new girls?

I did see the trailer! It's really crazy cause I'm really close with Jas who's on there. She's been telling me like, “Get ready cause it's gonna be crazy!” I talk to her on the daily. I know a lot that's gonna be going on. I'm kind of nervous because I know this season is going to be insane. She told me they was on there wilin' out. And I was like “Girl...”

So, we have to ask you about your famous “I Don't Understand” moment. At least in New York you can still hear remixes of that song being played in the ballroom and at gay clubs.

Yeah! My dad just told me down south they have a whole line dance to it! I was like, “What?!”

So what was that all about? Where did it come from?

So, my mom and dad growing up both do hair. The hair community, there's a lot of gay people. There's hair shows. That's the environment that I grew up in. My whole life I've had a lot of friends who are gay, I've always been in the gay community. So voguing is just something I will always do with my friends. My real intention was to just get on Rima's nerves. I wanted to just blow her so bad that she would just smack me with the keyboard or something. Then I could just beat her up! But it turned into a whole craze, which I did not expect at all. But I do that all the time, that's something I would do anyway, if I was vibin' with my friends. I never expected it to go viral like that.

Are you doing any vogue tracks on the mixtape?

No, I don't think I'm going to do any vogue music on this one. Cause on Guard Your Grill, it was a little more street. More gritty. Confessions of a Glamazon was a little more me. I have a few tracks... I won't be saying “I don't understand!” on them but they're more dance, more club, more vogue. I worked with an artist from London on those. They won't be on the mixtape but we got something special that we gonna do.

Who's that London artist?

Shystie. She had a song with Azealia Banks. She's getting pretty big, she's dope. But I wanna do some vogue songs in the future. My friends are always like “Girl you can't be voguing to other people's songs! You need your own stuff.”

Ok last question: Team Meek or Team Drake?

It's entertainment. But I feel like... I feel bad for Meek because he embarrassed himself. He got fast food restaurants tweeting him. But at the same time, Drake didn't write all his stuff. Some of the greats didn't write some of their stuff. From my knowledge, Nas didn't write “One Mic” and that's one of the greatest  hip-hop songs in history. People can discredit Drake, say he didn't write everything. But if his songs were released by someone else they wouldn't have had the same response. It's all about how you spit, how you do it, your swag, your delivery. Drake made those songs. I'm not gonna take any sides, like I said, I'm Team Future and Team Wayne. I feel like Meek coulda came way harder than that for the way Drake came. And Nicki might need to break up with him.

Check out Lucci Vee's Soundcloud page.

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