Episode 408 recap

Kate's true colors... is bitch a color?This episode is completely and utterly the stuff of which all Bad Girls are made. Flo limps around cursing Amber for her newfound lack of mobility and Kendra watches on with a smirk. Amber put it so eloquently put it: She did not intend to hurt Flo and Flo very intentionally threw her across the patio by her hair. Yet, Amber's bruises have healed and Flo will be in a boot for the remainder of the season. Pretty solid revenge if you ask me. Flo and Natalie get back to their wicked ways and douse Kate's bed with itching powder which, when confronted, Natalie takes zero responsibility for, per usual. Kate figures out pretty quickly that pranksters are actually to blame, whereas if I had been in this situation, I probably would have just assumed that I was starting to physically become allergic to drama...but that's just me. The girls want to party -- something new and different for the household -- so they hit da club. And was that party song featuring Lexie's voice made specifically to drive it through to those few (very few) BGC watchers who somehow missed how annoying she is? Well, good work; I'm sure they all do now! While out, things take a surprising turn. Natalie and Kate kiss and make up...literally. I can't tell if this is a political power move for Natalie? For Kate? Not sure what's going on here, but one thing's for sure, she didn't apologize out of genuine remorse. I'm quiet positive Natalie is not currently, has never, and never will possess a conscience. The next morning, the girls discuss the new alliance and Annie makes an analogy to Russia as an initial ally during the World War. Annie, sweetheart. You are right and very intelligent, but know ur audience! That comparison went miles over your housemates' air-filled heads. Natalie steps up her Annie-badgering, and Kendra watches in disgust and encourages Annie to finally stand up for herself.Kate, Kate, Kate...were u fooling us all along by claiming to be this drama free, not-so-bad-girl, and are you finally showing your true colors? Or has Natalie been slipping her own special blend of monster-bitch drugs into your cocktails now that you're "friends"? Because Kate goes from one of the more amiable BGs to worse than Natalie, aka uber bitch. Her total demise in only one episode. I officially, have absolutely no respect for her now especially since she admitted, among other things, that she hooked up with the lead singer of Nickleback. Excuse me, but I just vomited a little bit in my mouth just thinking about him, and his terrible, terrible music. Although, I guess it's a little uplifting to know that if that guy can get some, ANYONE can!Later, after some beauty-injection jokes aimed at her, Annie finally snaps and in an energy drink fueled rage gives Natalie a piece of her mind. GO Annie! The girls fear Lexie may be next in Natalie's war path now that Annie has a backbone. And we see just a little glimpse into Lexie's BG side, and it is sssscary! Watch out Natalie and Kate, your "Ms. Piggy" comments may have some serious consequences, and I quote, Lexie will not hesitate "to choke a bitch." Kendra quickly gets fed up with the new duo and Kate's two-faced comments in particular...this escalates quickly into a screaming, spitting, pillow-fighting brawl. Seriously, it's fierce, and Kate obviously learned absolutely nothing from her spat (haha) with Natalie, and earns the spot of number 1 Fakest girl this week, displacing Natalie from a very impressive streak. Natalie still makes my list but I must say, she really surprised me this episode: apologizing not once, but twice! The second time was to Annie, whom she promised to no longer pick on...we'll see how that promise pans out. Did she get a very belated visit from the ghost of Bad Girls past sometime since the last episode?! The morning after the Kate-and-Kendra's feud, Kate's "most gorgeous" friend Trish comes into town and they want to go to a dance club. However, it is Annie's night with the limo so they go to a bar, not a club. Finally, something more my speed. Once there, Kate groans when offered a beer and proclaims that she's never had one in her life...wha, wha, WHAT!?! As if I couldn't hate this girl anymore this episode, she has to go and say something like that. Either she's lying or she really hasn't. Either way, Kate is on my sh*t list. Kate begs Annie to go to a club and is finally persuaded once she promises to buy everyone a drink. Kate holds true to her promise, almost...she buys everyone a drink except Annie. Annie is obviously upset and soon after complaining, is drenched in carafes of various juices. Too bad that method does nothing to quench thirst. Annie handles it like a champ, and continues to dance drama free. I love this girl and once again, she tops my list of realest girl in the house. Kendra pulls in with a very honorable second place!At home after the juice fight, Kate mows on something while bitching to her friend about how alcohol is the real culprit of the house (yeah right) all the while with a little piece of egg -- man juice? Annie's flesh? -- stuck in the corner of her mouth. Her supposed "bbf" doesn't even tell her...this pleases me. Can't wait to see next week's episode? Be sure to tune into Oxygen Tuesday at 10/9c and visit us at www.evilbeetgossip.com for your Bad Girls recap and a daily dose of celeb gossip!

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