Episode 409 Recap

By permanenteditor
Wowza, I'm not even sure where to begin, because this episode was chocked full o'drama. Kate's "hot" (READ: pig-nosed) friend is still staying in the house, and my oh my has their "friendship" escalated. Oh, and by escalated I mean they made out in da club, in da shower, in da pool, in da hot tub, in bed, and in da shower. Naked. After drunk dialing her boyfriend at an hour when normal people have to go to work, Paul decides to call it quits with Kate. Shocking, right? I mean, it's shocking that she was actually ever able to snag a man who could eloquently dictate why he was angry enough to end a relationship before it caused him anymore harm. Shocking.I seriously can't believe how fake Kate is. I really miss the laid back, original Kate, not this sex-crazed brat that kisses Natalie's ass. Oh how quickly the alliances in the Bad Girls' house can change . . .Flo . . . well, I believe Annie put it best when she said "Flo is insane." That about sums it up, ladies and gents. Flo is irritated at the start of the episode due to still being in crutches and a cast, but becomes completely irate and irrational as the episode progresses. Natalie, Kendra, Kate and her "buddy" decide to lie to the house and go out on the town alone without inviting any of the other girls. This is what Natalie refers to as the pretty girls going out while the ugly ones stay home. She's such a bitch. As usual, Natalie is as fake as ever because she plays it off with Flo like she didn't lie and didn't do anything wrong, even though she lied straight to Flo's face. Kendra goes ahead and does the same! Sadly, Kendra is becoming faker as the weeks carry on. Naturally, Flo finds out and starts screaming at the "pretty" girls when they return home. Slowly, Flo is becoming more isolated from the rest of the house and none of the girls are taking her side anymore. The strangest part of this ordeal was that Amber and Natalie somehow seemed to bond over their dislike for Flo . . . weird. Still, Flo isn't being fake, she's being real. Really, really scary. I wish she would just be fake already 'cause her screaming is hurting my face.Annie . . . oh how I adore thee, Annie! Instead of causing more pointless drama by calling Kate a "whore" or "white trash," Annie has started being extremely passive aggressive and backhanded! I love it! Yes, this is pretty fake of Annie, but I find it so entertaining! She has been slipping butter in Kate's liquid eggs, and sugar and salt into her protein shake mix. Although Kate most likely will not get fat as Annie hopes, she will bloat up a bit and I can't wait! YAY! Messing with the food of a girl who already has severe body image issues could have long-term repercussion, right? Nah!Make sure to watch this week's episode at 10/9 central on Oxygen, and don't forget to check Evil Beet every week for all the dirt on who's fake and who's real.
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