I didn't like Natalie right away.

My first reaction to the house was like its Barbies Playhouse. It was amazing from every detail. From the shoes to the chandelier, it was incredible. When I first met Kendra I was surprised to see how nice and refined she was. Amber too! I was expecting hostility in the house, but they asked me to be their roommate. I said, sure, they seemed like nice girls. So my impression of them was pretty good. My first impression of Flo was that I questioned if she was a lesbian, but she seemed really nice. She complimented all of us and I have no problem with the LGBT community. I was glad to see a little flavor in the house because we all seemed pretty much the same. I didnt like Natalie right away. She was loud, rude, and boisterous. We didnt get into a fight the first night, but the fact that she wrote all over our faces--it was rude. Honestly I came to party. All these other girls came to fight each other. Natalie was just really negative. I liked Annie a lot at first. She seemed genuinely nice and she was in it for the same intentions I was, not to cause a fight. I was surprised there were a lot of black girls that didnt act like inner city type, tough girls. Every girl was nice. I came from a very sheltered town, so everybody was cool to me. I was not able to see what was written on my picture, because it was erased before I got to the house. I was thinking it sucks for the other girls. I didnt know Kendra had erased what was written about me before I could see it. So I was just thinking it was unnecessary. Its our first night were all trying to get along. Why the hell is this girl trying to make us enemies if we have to live with one another for the next ten weeks? Why would anyone want to start it off this way? I can be a Prima Donna. I have a tendency to be self-centered, spoiled and I didnt think about people until now. I definitely learned from the show. I would probably call myself The Party Girl. Im not robbing banks and doing drugs. I hate drama, so I came to have a good time with people I generally dont hang out with. Other people came to the show to see how much drama they could stir up. I was more like the carefree, funny, goofy, party girl. You can expect to see a lot of laughs from me. Im pretty goofy, I tend to play the dumb blonde role, but Im not. People dont take me as seriously as they should on the show. People can just expect a girl who is learning a lot from being sheltered and Ive grown up a bit. Ive learned to adapt to different personalities better. Definitely youre going to expect a lot of drunken nights, a lot of boys, and a lot of regrets.

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