I do what I want.

I think my nickname as The Double Standard has a lot of different definitions. My take on it would be the double standard between guys and girls. I live my life almost as a guy would live his life. I date, I do what I want, and then if I dont want you I disregard you. And if I do want you then you stay around. Eventually I allow myself to be vulnerable, but out the gate I play the game. So in that respect, it is a guy/girl situation. Looking back on the situation, Im saying one thing then doing another. I may be a slight hypocrite in some way. Being loud and ghetto is something I look down on. But then I have a couple of drinks and end up being loud and ghetto myself. So I think the term, The Double Standard can have a lot of definitions. When I arrived at the house I was surprised to find my pictures written all over because I thought I was the first person to arrive. So to find out that people were already there, but then they were no longer here I thought it was going to be very interesting. Too Black was the comment, but I was not surprised. One, it was a childish comment and two, nobody knows me. The house was gorgeous and I expected it. I wanted it to be grand and girly. I still love that house. The roommates were definitely prettier than I thought they would be. Everybody is attractive in their own right and we all come in different flavors. My roommates were definitely attractive girls. Yet I was going to wait and see why we were all there. I was very open to everything. I think Portia was the main person I was concerned about. She is a pretty girl and has her own personality. She was kinda quiet and I was trying to figure her out. This season you will definitely see a variety from me. At some points I hope to be a bigger person. Im actually really thinking and trying to change for the better. But at some points, I let loose and Im on vacation. Things get a little crazy, youll see guys in my ups and downs in the house. Its definitely entertaining!

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