I got her smack in the face.

I really liked Amber's boyfriend. I had talked to him on the phone a few times, and liked him then. Once I met him, it was obvious to see that they were made for each other. They both even told the same nerdy jokes. I loved that he brought out Amber's goofier side. It was just really nice to see her, and not the person that the house made her. It was obvious that Rich really loves Amber and wanted to get to know us since we were the people in her life at that time. The first thing that struck me from Flo's letter was that her grammar was horrible. Although she claimed that the letter was supposed to be constructive, it was just hurtful. She made up lies about all of us, and wrote them down. It was almost like she was willing us all to band up against her. The comment she wrote about me was about one of my friends too, and that was enough for me. I was just tired of her being so judgmental, mean and scary. When I found out that Kate was sick, I was really glad that she didn't let me have any of her drink the previous night. I was actually so sick at the same time, I didn't even really think about Kate. All I knew was that it was the worst flu I had ever had, and I wanted to die. I was actually really proud when Flo left the house. It all started when she asked me how I was feeling. After the letter that she wrote earlier in the day, it was obvious that she didn't care about me at all. Knowing that, I didn't feel like putting up with her being fake, trying to act like she cared. I was still sick, and I was worn out after fighting with her a bit, so Kendra came in and started yelling at her too. I was so afraid that somebody was going to convince her to stay, but luckily no body did. It was another bonding moment for Natalie and me because she also wanted her to go. Natalie and Kendra had some water balloons left from the pool party so we decided to throw them at Florina as she was leaving. The other girls were all aiming for her cast, but I decided to go right for her face. I got her smack in the face and it burst all over her. That's when Flo snapped. She started racing after us with her cast on, and we all ran faster than we ever have in our whole lives. This wasn't a very nice thing to do, but I was so tired of Flo pretending to be my friend, I just wanted her out of the house.

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