I had an experience of a lifetime.

The big deal, to me, about Annie calling the police was that I felt it was a cop out, but it didn't surprise me. I kinda felt that karma was a b*tch when it came back around to punch Annie in the face. She had been messing with Kate's food, hair products, etc. which I believe Kate could have charged Annie forstealing, tampering, whatever... I just didn't think Annie was as innocent as she was claiming and it was a weak move. She wasn't physically hurt I think she was just embarrassed. Some would say that if you make it to the end you're not a bad girl. Bad Girls "go out with a bang". But I honestly feel that out of all of the girls, I was put through the wringer and still lasted. I truly do care about Annie, Amber, and Lexie but I went through some of the hardest life lessons while I was in the house. I thought I had made friends when I didn't, I forgave when I shouldn't have and I commented in things that could have been left alone. But I also lived on my own without family or friends, I came out without any bruises, and I had an experience of a lifetime.My favorite memories would have to be the stress free days with the last 7. There were days that we actually did all get along and if we could have put our differences aside we were a strange but fun group of girls! My worst memory would have to be Santa Barbra. To be honest, I wouldn't have gotten that drunk with people that I didn't trust. I naively trusted Natalie and it backfired. I got in trouble with the police and that still bothers me to this day. Am I going to miss anyone or anything about living in BGC house? I don't think I really want to see the combination of girls together ever again. But I will def miss the beautiful house that I got to call home for 10 weeks.The road trip was great. Amber, Lexie, and I got to learn about each other outside the madness. GREAT TIMES:) We dropped Lexie off in Illinois then went to West Virginia and partied with Amber's friends, then I went home to North Carolina. I think it was the best way to end.

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