I just wanted to hug and kiss him!

I went to visit my parents a week before the reunion and flew out of there, so I had no idea Rich was even going to be at the reunion. He kept telling me that work wouldn't let him off. So when he walked out, I was so happy and surprised!! When Rich started talking about our personal life, I was like "what are you doing! He was talking about some very serious times in our life, and I just teared up. He then said it wasn't what the audience thought (proposal) so I took a deep breath!! As soon as I was done exhaling, he was done on one knee! I was in SHOCK! My whole mind went blank, and I just wanted to hug and kiss him! I'm not even sure if the word, "YES" came out. I was so happy. It just made this chaotic day, into the best day EVER!! The pregnancy so far is going great! I am having a little GIRL! And I stick by what I said: NO Bad Girls Club is in her future!! I've been busy with doctor visits and parenthood classes, but its all worth it! I am so excited about being pregnant and having a little girl. She consumes my thoughts!! As far as the wedding goes, we haven't set a date. Rich says that is my job, but I am so busy with baby stuff that I haven't really started planning. The baby is number one! I was so happy for Portia! I knew she was having a little girl, so I got her a present. And I got to pick her mind about mommy stuff. I was also happy to hear that her and her man were still together.I learned a lot from this experience. I learned a lot of things I did not like about myself, as well as a lot of things I did. I learned that change is not always a bad thing. And that forgiving people, and taking chances is part of growing. I realized being a b*tch is not a good look. I realized I do not want to be known as the "bad girl that I have been labeled as in the past, but instead as a Lady. Of course I still want respect. But I do not have to be the center of attention.I keep in touch with Annie, Lexie, Kendra, and Portia. I believe I made a friend in each of them, but each friendship is different. Some are on a more personal level, while others are great party friends. I am glad I met them, and we have stayed in contact!!

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