I really wanted Flo to go home.

I was fine with the lesbian club, Girl Bar. However, when we got there, the go-go dancers were acting like raunchy strippers, so that made me uncomfortable. All of my roommates were having a great time there, so I decided to put that behind me. When I saw a pole available, I went and played on that and ended up having a great time. I was really excited for Flo because she was so excited about meeting somebody there. When Amber and I were talking about bisexuality, I didn't think anything was going to happen. I just thought we would have an open discussion about the issue. She's from a smaller town, so I understood that it might not be something that she was around growing up. When Florina walked in, I knew she was going to freak out. To give her credit, she came walking in at a bad point. Florina and Amber had drama about this earlier so Florina was already on the defensive when she overheard Amber's statements. When Amber and Florina started fighting right in front of me I was in shock. It was the closest I've ever been to a fight. After Amber pushed Flo into the pool, I thought it was over and done with. When Florina came after Amber, and 'air hockeyed' her across the floor and went after her, I actively went in and tried to get them apart. Flo was screaming crazy things. It was really scary. I really wanted Flo to go home, not only for fighting, but also because of on how she went into detail on the violence she wanted to still do. When Flo got angry, it was like she became Jekyll instead of Mr. Hyde. While that incident didn't involve me, I wanted Flo to go home because she showed how violent she could be about a simple misunderstanding, and I didn't want the next person she went after to be me. I was disappointed when Amber allowed Florina to stay in the house, but it was her decision to make, and I respected that. It showed how Amber had grown while she was in the house. She really wanted to give Florina the chance to grow and learn from her mistakes. I remember, Amber said that it was at this moment that she really understood why the BGC logo was a heart with devil horns. Even though Amber allowed Flo to stay, this incident changed my view of Florina completely, and I knew we would never be close in the house because I didn't trust her.

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