I spit in Kate's face because

By permanenteditor
I wasnt convinced that Kate's boyfriend was attracted to me, it was just Kate kept saying that her boyfriend was attracted to girls that looked like me. She even mentioned that her boyfriend dated a girl in the past that was Puerto Rican and Brazilian with tan skin and light eyes. So Kate started to act like she was "so cool" because her boyfriend was in town. When she started picking fights with me, I decided to throw a low blow at her and say your boyfriend thinks I'm hot and dont be mad at me about it! Hahaha. But, I never once flirted with Paul or anything. I actually thought Paul was a nice guy and felt extremely bad for the guy when Kate threw him under the bus about how bad he was in bed. When Flo and Kendra got into their argument I was a little worried because I didn't want to have to choose a side if it came down to it. I was learning that Kendra really disliked Flo. She had been telling me over and over to stop being nice to Flo and leave Flo alone, but in my eyes it was "TEAM LEADS" and we had to stay together. While the "TEAM EXTRAS" just laid around the house like extras all day. Hahaha. We couldn't fall. We had to stay strong and lead the house.Now I've said this once and only once in the house, the minute someone touches my stuff is when we have a problem. Everything of mine is expensive and if you touch my stuff I'll go as low as spitting in your face. It wasn't about the make-up being broke. I could buy more make-up. It was the fact that she threw my stuff and had the nerve to touch something that belongs to NATALIE.First of all, Kate had no reason at all to throw the make-up out the window. She was extremely jealous of me and thought she was going to be the center of attention because her boyfriend was in town Well she thought wrong. So she decided for whatever reason to throw the make up out the window. I spit in Kate's face because I knew if I hit someone else I would be going home. So I guess I learned that it wasn't ok to hit Kendra but it was ok to spit in Kate's face. Haha and no I don't regret it! Shes a dirty, nasty person that can't keep my name out of her mouth. Since she likes the taste of it so much in her mouth, I'll give it to her.
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