It Was Stupid

Natalie was going to backfire in her face.Saying goodbye to Rich really sucked! I did not want him to leave, but if anything I just wanted to go home with him! But like he said to me, I was there to learn about myself, and I needed to be there, so with him leaving I just remembered Id be seeing him soon!! I was glad he got to come out for as long as he did, and got to spend some good days with me! It really made me appreciate him so much more, and made me realize I didn't want to lose him in my life! The festival in Santa Barbara was fun (before the fight)! All of us were drinking, laughing, and dancing!! We were getting along, and ignoring random people yelling at us. It was a great time!! When Natalie and Kendra were talking to the cops it was stupid. Natalie should have just given them her ID, stopped crying, and took the ticket. And Kendra was trying to help, but was only making the situation worse, by getting in the cops face. I was over it, a $45 ticket was not worth messing up the whole night, and Lexie and I were ready to move to the next bar! However, we couldn't leave without them, and the cop was going to arrest Kendra at one point for running her mouth, so after we got Kendra away, and Natalie got the ticket, the night was just going down hill! In all honesty, I didn't want to jump in and stop the fight, because I told Kendra that Natalie was going to backfire in her face when she kept her in the house. HOWEVER- Natalie was not being the same girl that was first in the house with us, and she had my back at the club. Kendra was the person I talked to every night before bed, and we were closer than people may realize. Im not sure why Lexie decided to grab Natalie's hair or why Natalie decided to grab mine. I was really trying to help the girl out, but it happened and I wasn't going to let someone try to hurt me, and not do anything. Natalie really lost it over a makeup brush and a $45 ticket!

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