Karma's a B*TCH!!!!

I really didn't mind going to the lesbian club. I have a good time wherever I go!! I figure if guys like me AND girls like me that I must be doing something extra right!! At home I probably would have made the Angel situation a big deal. I don't waste my time with guys that don't know how to take care of a women. But while in LA, I really didn't take the guys seriously so I would have moved on had Natalie not called him back. I kinda felt bad for Angel and I kinda didn't. Natalie was sooooo funny and I couldnt believe Angel didn't hang up!! He did it to himself. He should have just paid for the food!!! LOLI kissed all the girls in the limo because it was something fun to do. At first I wasn't sure if everyone was going to do it back to me. But they did and it was a fun moment! I feel its normal for girls to experiment with girls. The fight between Flo and Amber was uncalled for--as are most of the fights in the house. What Amber was saying to Flo is what she had been saying the entire time she was in the house. Amber didnt understand bisexuality and Flo, I guess, wasnt helping her learn. We had a number of guests at the house that night and Flo confronted her after "over hearing" Ambers conversation with our guests. Personally, it wasnt a big deal to cause the scene Flo did. I think she was acting out for the people that were there. Since she wasnt getting any "boo-time" with any of them she decided to show them her aggressive tough girl side. I think it backfired since everybody left the house scared of her and for her. She looked insane. Honestly, ever since that night Flo and I had gotten into that argument at Kress, I really disliked her. I thought that she was two-faced and insane. She pretended to be your friend and would flip on you at the drop of a dime. I didn't trust her. But since her ankle was broken, I figured she already lost. Why not get some enjoyment of watching her walk around in a cast for the rest of the time in the house! Karma's a B*TCH!!!!I felt Amber did the right thing! Flo -- regardless of what she says -- is not that good of an actress. She begged Amber to let her stay, tears and all. Even though it wasn't easy, Amber gave Flo a second chance. Amber came out on top of this one and Flo got a cast!! LOL.

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