Kate was being a huge hypocrite.

I thought that Kate was being a huge hypocrite. She talked about me and Natalie getting over our fight and becoming close and then she goes and does the same exact thing!!!!! I felt the girls were passing the time by talking about Lexie. It was low and uncalled for. I don't throw stones at glass houses and I wasn't going to have them do it in my presence either. My blood was boiling when the girls were trash talking in the car. I know there have been times when people sat around and talked about me and I wasn't about to let that slide when it came to Lexie or Annie for that matter.Kate had been asleep the entire time in the house! At the end of the day, I felt she had no right to talk about anyone in the house. She didn't really know anybody! After that, she had no respect from me anymore.I really wasn't going to cut Kates hair off in her sleep. I know how expensive her fusions are and I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me, but I knew she would be paranoid for the rest of the night that's why I threatened her!!!

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