Kind-of fake, but whatever.

The aftermath of the Amber and Flo fight was intense. I felt as if I was walking on eggshells. It seemed like if someone said the wrong thing at the wrong time one of the girls would just snap. Ugh, which totally killed my buzz because I was just trying to party and live the good life. And the sudden "buddy-ness" with Natalie and Kate was very weird, especially because they had just got in a huge fight shortly before. Kind-of fake, but whatever helps them sleep at night. I didn't understand their so-called friendship. I mean I would not be trying to be up someone's ass that had just SPAT on me. I mean REALLY, gross. AGAIN, maybe Kate was woo'ed by Natalie's so-called VIP status of LA. Do what you do, ladies. As long as it doesn't affect me in anyway, I am good. The name-calling is honestly just rude. You don't see me having to pick at their flaws, and I know I could pick a few, but I try to keep my composure. And as if with the weight thing...get over it! If that's all you can talk about, gladly look in the mirror, PLEASE. I just thought it was strange when I asked both Kate and Natalie about the comments I had recently heard and both of the girls automatically blamed each other. It wasn't worth it to me, so I just dropped it. I mean, what goes around goes around. I knew they would get theirs. Karma is evil, and being nasty to people will eventually bite you in the bum.

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