Natalie pulled out the classic 'racist' card.

Unfortunately, Portia left the house before any of us really had a chance to get to know her. Even though we didn't want her to leave, I don't think the BGC was good for her personal life and I was glad she was able to leave so that she could resolve her issues at home. With Portia's departure, there was definitely a noticeable division in the house. At that point I didn't have a problem with any of the girls, I just ended up getting along better with Amber and Annie. However, I didn't take the division too seriously because I knew the new girl was about to change everything. My mother once told me, always keep your composure. Getting angry lets the other person know that they've affected you, that they gotten the best of you. Therefore, I never let my emotions get the best of me. It takes a lot to upset me. I'm pretty laid back. For this reason I didn't have a lot of confrontation so far in the house, and got along with the girls as well as I could. Natalie felt threatened by this and wanted to make sure the girls didn't like me more then her, so in a desperate attempt to make me look bad, Natalie pulled out the classic 'racist' card. Natalie knew full well I wasn't a racist person. Earlier that week in the phone room I told her that I had been sheltered most of my life, and that my reasons for joining the BGC wasn't to fight and yell, but to get out of the confines of my small town and to experience life with different types of people in order to become more cultured and open minded. Natalie just took the opportunity to make herself look better by carrying on and making me look bad. Since Natalie knew LA pretty well and the rest of us didn't, we let her show us a few clubs. All of the clubs she showed us were the same overly crowded, hot, predominantly black dance clubs. I had no problem and had a blast at all of them, but after 6 nights of going to the same type of club, I wanted to experience other types of places since our time in LA was limited. My comment "I don't want to go to an all black club", was never meant to be racist. I was just simply expressing that I didn't want to follow Natalie around every night. I should have used a different choice of words to express this. I am far from perfect and came into the BGC knowing I would make mistakes and have since then learned from them. Natalie was the one who made the racist comments in the house writing "too black" on Kendra's picture and asking the bouncer if he generally lets "black girls in the club". Later that day Kendra, the only girl who had ANY right to get mad at me, sat down with me and told me that my comment was ignorant but that she understood that I didn't know any better and wasn't trying to be hurtful. She told me what I should and shouldn't say and helped me understand that sometimes I can be offensive. I really appreciated her taking the time to sit down and talk to me about these things. I learn better when I am sitting down and talking in a mature conversation, verses when I'm being screamed at. It's pointless and a waste a time. I have no idea why Flo involved herself. None of it had anything to do with her. Natalie just used her as a hype-man. After I got home that night and found that Flo was STILL carrying on the argument, I thought it was hilarious, especially since she had stayed in angry all night while Annie, Amber and I were out having a blast. Flo is ALL bark and NO bite. I wasn't afraid of Flo at all LOL. I thought the whole thing was comical. I was being sarcastic when yelling at her in hopes she'd see how stupid the whole fight was. But talking to Flo and Natalie is like talking to a wall. I know Flo was talking out of anger and didn't really mean half of what she said when we were fighting. I was glad that she thought I stuck up for myself. I hadn't really involved myself in any drama until then because I saw no reason to. I have no problem sticking up for myself when I need to and I'm glad they all realize that now. The girls in the house nicknamed me Malibu, when we first moved into the house. I thought it was funny and took it as a compliment. I called Natalie a groupie for bringing home Gabe Pruitt, because she is. Celebrities don't hang out with Natalie because she is so such a GREAT person, or has done anything prominent in the industry, they hang out with her for ONE reason...and it's definitely not her looks lol.

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