Portia wanted to go home.

I was embarrassed and annoyed at speed dating because of Natalie. I dont always want to be the center of attention and sometimes she asked for the negative attention but in her eyes she though she was being funny but I was annoyed!!Natalie was flirting a lot with Jeremy when she already had a boyfriend. I think if someone has a boyfriend she should respect him, but then again unless I know the guy I dont give a sh*t! And I do think Natalie is a gold digger sometimes!Ill tell you what really led to Portia hitting Natalie. Portia wanted to go home. She was having her own issues and she hated Natalie so it was the perfect opportunity. I was upset when Portia left the house. I felt like she was the only one with a brain besides me that wasnt all about the drama sh*t!

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