She wanted the attention back on her.

I wouldn't say that I'm obsessive about keeping things clean. I just don't want to live in a pig sty and it seemed to me that my roommates didn't care about keeping the house clean at all. I knew that if one person didn't step up, we were going to get roaches. When I saw my roommates didn't appreciate what I was doing, I just decided that I didn't care and I just stayed away from the kitchen area. Some of my roomies are really dirty. Kate kept food in her room so long it grew mold. And she would leave her tuna all over the house, making it smell like tuna. Our fabulous house ended up looking and smelling like a fraternity house.I keep track of what I'm eating because I think it is healthier to know what I'm consuming. I generally divide products into single servings so I'm aware of what I'm eating. I think that's pretty normal. I don't think I'm obsessive compulsive, just a little quirky. :) When Natalie hit Kendra, all I was thinking was that Natalie couldn't stand to not have the cameras on her. I think she was upset that everybody at the bar found her disgusting and she wanted the attention back on her. I really appreciated the zero tolerance policy on violence. So, while my comments were directed to Natalie in this case, they would have been directed to anyone who felt the need to use violence. I had been expressing my feelings since I met all of my roommates, but they just weren't shown until this moment.

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