There are different ways to be a bad girl.

By permanenteditor
When I arrived at the house I thought it was amazing. It wasn't the ideal location because it was in The Valley, but the look of it made up for the location. I loved the colors, the wall of shoes and the swim up bar. If it's available, I can move in there permanently. When I met Natalie I thought she was really loud. I felt bad. She was so insecure about proving herself it was all she could talk about. I thought it was insane that Natalie thought she could go out with an ID. She was just too loud, which made her seem out of control. I think she wanted to be the center of attention (it didn't work) so she tried to make herself seem out of control. When I met my other roommates, I thought Amber was crazy. When she came into the club, Area, she just started yelling and screaming. I thought Portia was really mean and a liar. She kept saying my things weren't on the bed and she stole from me. Seriously, who steals a bed another person already claimed? I really didn't notice Kendra until she stood up for me to Portia. I really appreciated that she understood fairness and roommate rules. I knew she would be a good friend to have in the house. Kate seemed like the other normal person in the house. At Area, she was the only other person not screaming and yelling at all the other roommates. Flo was unlike anybody I had ever met, but she seemed like the type to be honest about things. I thought she would be a good mediator in the house. There are different ways to be a bad girl. While my roommates were the in your face type, I chose to be sneaky for my own bad ways. I was still bad, but I just didn't throw it at everybody right away. This season viewers can see me change completely. I learned a lot from my roommates, both good and bad. And living in the Bad Girls Club really taught me how to stand up for myself.
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