There was a little kissing here and there.

The best thing about living in LA was living in this beautiful mansion with a great view. I was able to walk outside-- even on a bad day-- and realize that I lived in a place that many people only dreamed of. LA is so different from living on the East Coast. The people have different motivations in life, money is everywhere, and EVERYONE wants to make it big.-- even the people working at McDonalds. Its a "Dreamland" where fantasies and nightmares are possible. It was also enjoyable because I knew after the wild and crazy lifestyle of California was over I would be able to go back home and settle back into normal life, so I lived it up. Marcus was a really cool guy. He's Natalie's "best friend" so first off the bat I wanted to know why. We talked, he came with us places, and we had some interesting conversations. Marcus was the first guy that I wanted to spend some alone time with to take my mind off the craziness in the house and to have some laughs. I wasn't trying to start anything serious with him, but it was nice to have an acquaintance that didn't live in the house. Honestly the hot tub really stayed PG. There was a little kissing here and there. Yes, I kissed him first. After living with girls for an extended period of time I get slightly more aggressive, but that was pretty much it. I had a good time. WOW! This incident between Natalie and I looks far worse on TV than I remember it. I believe Natalie was upset because her boyfriend wasn't coming to LA or something like that. I was telling her that she should be grateful that she's practically still at home with her family and friends. Even though her boyfriend was in New York at the time, she still had 100% more people around her then most of us in the house. She didn't want to hear that, of course. She wanted to have her diva sob story moment and I was not letting her--at least not without hearing my opinion first. Could I have just let it go and let her have her "moment"? Probably. But at the time I felt that it was necessary for her to know how fortunate she was. With the aid of alcohol it might not have sounded so uplifting and informative--hence her reaction. Call me nave, but I was surprised that she went to hit me. We had had a good couple of days and she just flipped. I knew then that I was most likely dealing with a 'real' crazy person (the show might have really found a good one LOL). Would I do it again? YUP! I would have just had one less drink so I could have had a quicker reaction time. :) Am I sorry? Kinda, but not really. I think it was a learning experience for both of us. To me, personality is neither good nor bad- it just is. The only way you can understand the extent of someones personality is to put him or her in different situations. In this instance, when approached with a sob story: Kendra wants you to hear her opinion on it, regardless if you like it or not. Natalie wants to be heard and if shes not, she wants to hit you. LOL. A bad combination if you ask me! Natalie always want to make everything about her... and I was OVER IT...End of story.

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