Episode 1 Recap

Danielle was the first person that I met in the house so I knew a little more about her than everyone else. Its a well-known fact that Danielle's clothes arent straight off the pages ELLE, but I didn't first judge her off that alone. Besides, I wasnt being judgmental; I was just calling a Spade a Spade! I was in no mood to go out the first night with the other girls. I dont know about them, but I've been to South Beach a million times and I heard that the club they were going to was wack!!! Honestly, the Erica and Kristen drama also put me in a terrible mood too. I really just didnt want to be bothered with the BS! I have always lived a lavish lifestyle! I live the BEST way possible and I wouldnt have it any other way. Thats why I constantly snap on the girls in the house because they are nasty, dirty and treat the house like crap! I absolutely hate filth and I dont living like that. Kristen is as crazy as they come and that was probably why I wanted to hang out with her. She also didnt back down from Erica that first day and I like that about her. Morgan is fun and loud-mouthed. I loved the fact that the other girls were intimidated by her beauty. When I saw Morgan's things on the front steps I was thinking, "This is some punk ass sh*t! They waited for her to leave because they were too scared to do it while she was there! I automatically went to check my things because my first thought was if they would do that to her, theyll try and do it to me too!
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