Erica on The Reunion Part 1

I think Kristen was jealous of me as well as obsessed with me!During the reunion we all saw the final fight scene in the limo for the first time. First of all, no one planned on "jumping" Christina's wack ass! She brought on every single last punch she got because of her mouth and because of her actions. Me going off had nothing to do with it being the end of filming at all. It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Christina, out of respect for herself, should NEVER be friends with people who humiliated her as much as the girls in the house did. The minute Kristen and Lea started being friends with her, she was so desperate for friends and acceptance (because she wasn't getting any from Ashley or I) that she immediately started sucking their d*cks! Christina was all about going to the strip club the night before, but as soon as Lea changed her mind, Christina followed right along behind her. THAT'S WHY I SAID THAT SH*T TO HER FACE!

I'd had enough of Christina’s stupid ass bullsh*t. Christina isn't “bad” because she threw Ashley's bleach. Christina isn't “bad” because she stayed after all that Kristen and Lea did to her. A real bad b*tch would've flown down those stairs...and right into Lea and Kristen's room and started f*cking with their sh*t! Instead, she just stood there looking like a damn fool getting EVERY liquid in the house poured on her! Why didn't she fight back!? Why didn't she go grab their stuff and damage it, while they were damaging hers? I had had it with Christina's nonsense. It was all built up at that point. And when she sucker punched Ashley I snapped and was like OH HELL NO! Christina didn't do sh*t when I was in her face, I spat on her, pushed her, called her out, AND threw all her sh*t in the fountain. She didn't touch any of my stuff, and again, she decided to hit Ashley, not me! Guess she was scared of me hahaha!


I honestly had no idea Kristen was talking about me behind my back as much as she was until I started watching the episodes as they were airing. I don't know why she could never say any of that sh*t to my face…unless she was drunk…and even then all Kristen had to say was a bunch of untrue bullsh*t! Being a bully is not being a "bad girl." I think Kristen was jealous of me as well as obsessed with me! Who talks THAT MUCH about one person! LOL

I was excited to see Danielle when we filmed the reunion, as I hadn't seen her since the day she left the BGC. I don't agree with why she left, but she did, so it is what it is. I think she should have stood up for herself at the reunion and called Brandi out for talking as much shit as she did on Danielle. The night before, Danielle was talking about how she couldn't stand Brandi and was not happy having to be around her. I don't know why Danielle sat there and did NOTHING and basically said NOTHING the entire time of filming the reunion!


I don't think I necessarily had something to prove at the reunion, but I definitely had some unresolved issues with Morgan and Kristen. Morgan is only good for running her mouth...all bark and NO BITE!!! She didn't say SH*T to anyone's faces at the reunion. She waited until I was offstage to talk sh*t! BULLS**T! Everyone knows that ANYONE could smack the sh*t out of Morgan and she’d do NOTHING. We all saw her fighting skills, or lack there of on the 1st episode!!! She started kicking LOL! Which is why I had to yank her ass down the stairs by her skinny ass legs! Kristen is an actress and is just as fake as her eye lashes, hair, nails, boobs, chin, cheeks, teeth, EVERYTHING is fake on her!

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