Kayleigh on Episode 4: Talkin Smack

I wanted to be a part of the Bad Girls Club to experience something new and different. I wanted a change in my life and being on the show seemed like it would give me the kind of excitement that I was looking for. On top of that, I wanted to live in a sick house in Miami. Let's be honest.

I am most looking forward to living in Miami! I have never been there and I am excited to party, drink and meet boys! Man mission! I'm excited to live in a fat mansion and meet new people.

I am least looking forward to unnecessary drama. I hate drama queens. I don't like people who blow sh*t out of proportion for no reason just for attention. If you are over dramatic, I don't have your back. If I believe that you are justified in your actions then I got you. But too much drama and theatric bullsh*t is not my thing. I hope that living in the house enables me to grow. I want to leave here with friends but I don't mind leaving with enemies either. All in all, I want to leave this experience a better and more mature individual.


I hope to learn to be more patient and more tolerant of other people and their personalities. I don't think that this experience will necessarily influence who I am or how I act. I am a secure individual who is confident and comfortable. I know that nothing and no one can change who I am.

I think I am different from the rest of the girls in the house in several ways. I'm not a lunatic and I'm not fake. I was myself 100% of the time and I have no regrets. I think that I offer a new perspective on being a bad girl. Being a bad girl doesn't always automatically mean that you will pop off at any second. It means that you need to choose when to be appropriately dramatic and handle yourself with control.

I hope that I will get along with the other girls BUT I'm not counting on it. A lot of people are jealous of me. I have that effect and I don't expect anything different when it comes to the girls in this house. Especially being the 8th girl, I know that I am not coming in to open arms. I don't even really care if I get along with every single girl. As long as I am happy living in the house, I'm good.


This season, you can expect to see a different kind of Bad Girl. I want people to see that being a Bad Girl isn't always about being a fighter or a sh* t talker. It's about being a strong, independent woman with a little bit of overconfidence and a lot of attitude. I am not average and I'm not boring. I love to party and have a good time and that's what makes me a bad girl.

I'm a "Bad Girl" because I'm a crazy ass b*tch. What more can I say? I love drama. If there is drama, I'm there. There isn't a day that goes by in my life without some sort of conflict. I'm not a bad girl because I'm a stripper or a fighter. I'm a bad girl because I don't let anyone disrespect me or talk down to me.


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