Kayleigh on Episode 5: Beach Blanket Bad Girls

She took any chance that she could get to throw me under the bus. Honestly, deep down I didn't trust anyone in that house. I knew that people could turn on me at any second and I have a difficult time trusting people as it is.

I did sort of trust Kristen, but something told me not to. Although it looks like I worshipped Kristen, in reality, I was always very hesitant to get too close to her or anyone else in the house. What you see with my friendship with Kristen was me latching on to someone in the house as a defense mechanism. I knew that no one was there for me but myself. And because I was new, people set out not to like me.

To be honest, I couldn't have cared less about what the girls did and said in the confessional. I don't know why they thought I was listening outside of the confessional.

The only time I was ever even by the confessional was when I was on my way in or getting miced or de-miced. I spent 24 hours a day listening to these b*tches run their mouths, why would I want to take even more time out of my life to try to eavesdrop? Oh, and Danielle claiming that I was "standing outside listening" is bullsh*t. Danielle was just jealous of me and that fact that she wasn't in the "in" crowd. She took any chance that she could get to throw me under the bus.

It wasn't that I was completely uninvolved with the fight at the beach.

I did exchange words with one of the girls and although I wasn't throwing blows, I was still involved. I didn't choose to really get in the middle of things because honestly, Lea, Cat and Kristen seemed to have it handled. If they were getting jumped, I obviously wouldn't have just sat there and let that happen. Brandi and I just chose to sit this one out. It got really old when everywhere we went, there was a fight. I got sick of fighting. And like I said, if I'm going to hit someone, it's going to be for a very good reason. I'm not going to waste time on some two cent ho at the beach who is just talking sh*t for camera time.

I thought Brandi's crush on Lea was cute but pathetic at the same time.

Do you really want to call it a crush? More like an obsession. It was even making me feel uncomfortable!
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