Kristen on Episode 4: Talkin Smack

After I was taken away in the van I stayed at a hotel for the night. I needed to get away from the other girls for a little while.

When I first saw Kayleigh I thought she was a man. She is super tall, and the way she was banging on the door I thought a man was trying to brake in. We "hazed" the new roommate because we thought it would be funny to get her drunk. I think it worked out well. Kayleigh thought we were all taking shots wile we were downing water hehe :)


I took Kayleigh under my wing because she reminds me of my self. She likes to drink and party. I like girls that want to have fun and aren't about fighting and just hooking up with ugly, poor guys. Kayleigh is a party girl like me and I knew that right away we were going to be good friends. The other girls in the house other then Cat don't know how to have fun so I was super happy that I had Kayleigh in the house to go out with.


Catya's friends were nice I had no issue with them. I was kind of freaked out that there were so many of them, because I am always freaked out when people I don't know are around my stuff. However if I wanted any one's friends in the house it would be Cat's.


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