Kristen on Episode 6: Jamaican Me Crazy

I was blinded with rage. This woman in Jamaica had been harassing me the entire time we were there. I couldn't care less about this woman, to be real. She was jealous and not a threat to me. Kayleigh was supposed to have my back and she didn't at all. I was really hurt because earlier that day an older woman started yelling at Kayleigh about being in her seat and I literally ran over to have her back. As soon as Kayleigh saw that I was handling the situation she walked away. I was already upset that happened earlier in the day. I couldn't handle being around Kayleigh anymore. She had to go.

I threw Kayleigh's stuff on the beach because I didn't want her in my room or in the Bad Girls Club anymore. She was disrespectful and out of line for coming at me foul. I was blinded with rage. I had done everything to involve Kayleigh in things we did and I took her under my wing. She was ungrateful and a punk. So she had to go. I was beyond Kayleigh and her antics. She just had to go! It was that simple.

I was happy to see Kayleigh go. She was pathetic in my eyes. All she wanted was to be popular and be one of the "cool kids". I'm not in high school. I don't get down like that. She was a people pleaser and didn't know her place in the house. If I don't like you I will push you out. It's that simple.

She didn't have my back or anyone else's back in the house. I told her that the Bad Girls are a family. We need to look out for each other and she didn't see it that way. She saw it as every man for themselves. I don't play like that! Even though I don't like Erica, if someone was yelling at her or fighting her I would have her back. We live together and we have to be there for one another. Kayleigh wasn't so she had to go. Bye Bye Kayleigh.

When I first read Cat's note I was shocked. I love Cat. She had been my rock since day one and to see her leave was painful. The house was never the same after she left.

My favorite part about Jamaica was the beautiful weather and the hot guys! I love traveling and seeing new places :) I loved the Men of Steel. I think that they are buff, hot guys who like to have fun and take care of themselves. I really liked Leo. He is a sweet guy. He has a good heart.

I had the best connection with him. We talked a lot about our families and our lives. People pre-judge him the same way they pre-judge me so we understood each other. We still talk on the phone regularly.

I think that Danielle and Brandi entering the wet T-shirt contest was so much fun. They both looked like they were having a great time. Me personally, I would never enter a wet T-shirt contest! Brandi kind of did it on a bet. Erica bet her $50 to do it with a shower cap and gloves on and she did. Brandi definitely did a way better job then Danielle but Brandi has been dancing for a lot longer. My fav part by far was when Brandi ate the banana that she was suppose to be getting sexy with.

Classic Brandi.
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