Kristen on The Reunion Part 1

Lea is still upset with me because she is weak as hell.Erica had to keep saying I was talking behind her back because she had NOTHING else to say. Erica is a fat slob with nothing going on in her life! She is an awful person. She is a coward and wants to be on Lea's good side, so she had to have some reason not to like me other than the fact I'm way better then her.

Lea is still upset with me because she is weak as hell. She wants to look "bad" and for her that is yelling like a moron and clapping her hands like a monkey.

Kayleigh betrayed me -- not the other way around. I spoke badly of Kayleigh ONE time and that one time was filmed. Kayleigh wants to believe what she wants to believe. They didn't show all the times I was nice to Kayleigh or ALL the times I had her back and stood up for her. It's a show and they have to make a story line, it's just sad that Kayleigh lived there and doesn't see that. Kayleigh didn't have the right to be upset with me at all. Yes, I spoke badly of her one or two times, but other then that I had her back a lot more then she ever had mine.

Kayleigh attacked me because she is weak and wanted to prove to America she was bad, same thing with Erica. Backstage, they both literally kept screaming "I have something to prove". Well you proved you’re morons. Congrats.


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