Lea on BGC 8: Departures and Arrivals

I think it's hilarious that Brandi, Danielle and Erica think I've changed. The only thing about me that changed was my relationship with them.

I felt that it was time for Danielle to leave because all she did was hook up with dudes! Her time was up.

Kristen and I clicked, ironically, but at the end of the day Brandi was psycho, Danielle and Erica were always off with strangers and Cat left, so there was no one else.

I was relieved that Brand and Kiki were getting it on! Finally, maybe she would give me space now! And no, I did not want in on any of the action.

When I first saw Cristina and Ashley get out of the limo I was shocked. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out.
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