Lea on Episode 6: Jamaican Me Crazy

Kristen threw all of Kayleigh's stuff on the beach.

I think Kristen only acts "brave" when others are there to back her up. If someone threw all of my belongings out on the beach I would have punched them in the mouth and been on a one-way flight home!

I was soo sad and disappointed when Cat left. Cat was the house mom! She was my kitty. She was always the voice of reason in the house and it was never the same without her.

Danielle and Brandi were absolutely hilarious in the wet t-shirt contest! When they were asked to suck on a banana and Brandi just peeled hers and ate it, I almost peed myself! Classic Brandi move!

What I liked best about Jamaica was the beautiful beaches and great food. I had a great time. The Men of Steel were a bunch of sexy b*tches but the one that stood out the most was CJ.

He wasn't a Man of Steel but he was still just as sexy.
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