Ashley on Episode 5: Kentucky Fried and Char Broiled

After Sydney left it was a whirlpool of mixed emotions. I had wanted her to stay but she wasn't happy and I’d rather her be back at home, where she can kick back and be herself. After she had left I was actually starting to get along with the other girls so it wasn't all that bad.

VIDEO: See a quick snippet of what happened in Episode 5!

Nikki and I never had any problems with each other. We always laughed and got along for the most part. We weren't the closest in the house but we could have a good time together and forget about all the b.s. going on around us.

Derrick was a cute kid. I checked him out at the club, but I didn't know that he was coming to the house. I wouldn't say that Derrick's my type but he was a cutey to me. I will NOT be seeing him again because his swag game wasn't correct.


C'mon son! Lauren always kind of reminded me of myself. She was down to just have fun and let loose. I was a little apprehensive towards her because she did break my camera after that whole big fight in the house and we said a few words to each other but after it was all said and done me and Lauren never had any major problems with each other in the house.

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