Char on Episode 10: Wilma Goes Bamm Bamm

They all eventually cross over to #TeamChar.I loved dodge ball as a kid. It was a great stress relief. It also gave those of us in the house who considers ourselves athletic, a friendly competition. I did not feel that the dodge ball game was a good way to take out my frustrations on Nikki and Lauren. At that point they didn't frustrate me. I had mastered their childish game by that time and really focused all my time and energy on having fun with the girls I got along with. Of course I expected to win the dodge ball game! #TeamChar always wins. Duh #WINNING :) I wasn't surprised I got Nikki out so quickly either. She's all talk anyway!

Jessica and I got into a little argument at the bowling alley. I really don't remember what was it about – spilling a drink or about giving attitude. But probably over attitude. NO ONE gives me attitude! Especially NOT over something so silly as a spilled drink. It’s petty! We made up soon after like we always did. We rarely had tiffs with one another in the house.

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I felt sorry for Wilmarie when she came back crying after a night with Nikki and Lauren. I hate to see anyone cry, but I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. No one can be around dumb and dumber that long. I immediately asked her why she was crying. I don't consider myself a mother figure just because I ask her what’s wrong. I have motherly qualities. She was so new and I didn't have a problem with Wilma. So I asked her what was wrong.

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I didn’t really give Wilmarie any advice about Nikki. I just told her that she would eventually get tired of the immaturity and she said she wouldn't because her friends back at home were just like Nikki and Lauren. I knew she would eventually come to her senses. They all eventually cross over to #TeamChar. Some slower than others....BUT they do!

I really don't remember what caused the fight with Wilma and Nikki in the limo. Power tripping I guess, when all they needed to do was look over and they would have seen who had the power ;) C.E.B!
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