Char on Episode 4: From Ashes to Clashes

Ashley was on some other sh*t and she had to go!After Ashley's friends started drama with us I was on the fence about who was more annoying – Ashley or Nikki! They are both really annoying. Honestly Ashley's friends didn't bother me when I walked in the house. She had asked if she could have guests and we all said yes. I have the same routine after a night out; I change clothes and wrap my hair. Since Jessica was drunk I wanted to make sure she was cool. Honestly, I was upstairs because I knew her guests were younger and I probably wouldn't have anything in common with them. Since everyone wants to know where I was, I’ll tell you. I was minding my own damn business!

My roommates are notorious for starting sh*t with people and I wanted to see if they could handle Ashley's friends. I'm not supa-save-a-hoe. Nikki is supposed to be a strong girl, why couldn't she handle it or the rest of them for that matter? Once I heard the girls yelling, I came down, like what the f*ck is going on and that's when I kicked Ashley's friends out. I wasn't even mad at Ash, I just wanted her to apologize for her friends’ behavior in our house, but I saw her defending them outside instead of calming them down. That's when I knew she was on some other sh*t and she had to go!

The roommates talk so much sh*t and they met their match in Ash's friends. Also, can I add in the scene where the girls are upset about Ash's comment about being the prettiest? Please tell me where you saw me even caring? I never said one word because I didn't care. I'm a very confident woman and have no bone in my body for hating on the way someone looks. I think everyone wants me to be jealous, but I'm very confident in my looks. Ash is a cute girl.
My biggest thing was Ashley needed to give the house an apology. Right is right, who lets their friends disrespect their house? When Sydney came back into the house and immediately took sides I felt like she was out of line. If you were not there just shut up. You don't know what happened. It's not that I wanted her to take sides. I can handle my own disagreements. However, I just wanted her to shut up and stay out of it. Sydney's beef was with me and she was using Ashley’s situation to let it out. Ashley needed to step up and take responsibility for her actions with her friends. I don't regret anything I did and said in the BG house, especially when it comes to speaking my mind. Everyone speaks his or her mind. When I'm wrong I can say in sorry.

Please let me set the record straight! I never went in trying to run that house or saying that I ran the house. All I would hear everyday is "Char thinks she runs this house. Who does she think she is?” I mean after so long if you keep hearing the same crap, you're going to have to own the title and that's what happened. I think most of the girls couldn't deal with the immature behavior on a daily basis and just didn't want to be around Nikki. So whose side would you choose?

My relationship with Jessica was real. I enjoyed being around her as much as she did with me. Jessica is just more sweet and caring and I'm tougher and out spoken, so it seems like I'm a mean girl and she’s just chill. I never felt like Jessica followed me. We enjoyed being with each other. She and I made a pack in the beginning that we would rep Chi no matter what. She knew that I would never fight anyone's battles and I never expected anyone to fight mine. Bad Girls need to finish what they start and don't look for someone to fight your battles.
How do I feel about Sydney leaving? I'm sorry, who? I really have no idea who she is. She lived in the house for a total of 11 days and that might be a generous estimate. Don't know anything about her…

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