Char on Episode 6: Play With It

It’s annoying to have girls come in and out! All the originals are already going through so much to understand each other and bringing new girls in the mix is just a recipe for disaster. I thought Jennifer looked very excited to be there, one of the few who did. I was glad that she came in with an optimistic look and a smile on her face.

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At that point I thought they talked a lot of crap under their breath and I wanted them to say it out loud. I hate that everyone waits for me to leave a room or talks under their breath to say how they feel about me. Let the record show I talk sh*t drunk and sober, that's what I do! I speak my mind and I don't bite my tongue. I don't think it’s fair to say that I instigate. Nikki and Lauren are the queens of instigating. I just don't let them get away with it!

Push their buttons and show when someone is in their face, they do nothing! They wait for me to leave and start their pranks and antics. Obviously it works, if it didn't they wouldn't come up with dumb ass plans to get me out of the house. Operation Char's Demise (OCD) who does that! Lames! They spent most of their days with my name in their mouth and worrying about me. For that I feel sorry for them. But then again most of the roommates did, so I won't blame just Lauren and Nikki!

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Lauren talks a lot sh*t. She's one of those girls that doesn't think about consequences and really doesn't give a f*ck. She wanted to make a name for herself in that house. She was starting to understand that she was nothing to BGC6, so I helped her. You could say "I put her on.” Without her beef with me, the viewers would have been like "Lauren who?" I, on the other hand wanted to show that her silly ways are a joke to me and she's a joke! If it were not for me, Lauren would not have been relevant in any episode. She actually owes me a thank you, but I won't hold my breath for that one. We all did and said what we wanted to do in the house and that's that.

It's hard living in the Bad Girls house and at that point Lauren had taunted me all night, even at times when I walked away and tried to end it. I knew I wasn't leaving for fighting and that was my biggest challenge, not hitting. She took me to a place I didn't want to go; it was needed for my survival in the house though. I hate it when people get drunk and fight. It’s ugly and the next day you feel like sh*t because you know it’s not proper. Trust me I've been there before. I take full responsibility for provoking my roommate to hit me back. I had to actually see the episode to understand where I was at fault....hahahaha! See? I'm growing and learning…lol! I think that had to happen in order for me to really work on my temper, attitude and behavior outside of BGC6 #realtalk. It could have been worse, had it really went down. I strive to be different and I think it shows all Bad Girls that they don't have to murder each other to be the top dog. I'd have probably gone home for touching her first. I'm glad I didn't. I want to be a great mom and wife one day and I knew being in the BGC would help me break that cycle of being physical with someone to get my point across. I don't fight fair. I wasn't taught that way. I was taught to pick things up and knock a b*tch out. Strangely, it did bring me back to my frustrating childhood memories, but I dealt with it in the house and I feel like I'm ok with my past now. My parents did the best that they could raising me. They were teenagers when they had me and they grew up with me. I love them very much!

I’ve heard a lot about “Char and her minions.” I think the viewers see what they want to see. I enjoyed being around the girls the same way they did me. I'm not going to keep defending how I felt about everyone. If they didn't realize it in living with me then the friendships were never worth it to begin with. I'm not perfect and no one is. I think it is easy to attack me and hate me because I can handle it. I am very strong. My family and friends mean the world to me and they know I've always been a natural leader. People enjoy being around me. Some people are waiting for an apology. Well, keep waiting. I'm not going to apologize for who I am and give excuses as to why people like to be around me…they just do!
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