Char on Episode 7: Beat Down Barbie

I had a blast at the Dr. Drew show! I definitely have the gift of gab, so I was excited to go on with Dr. Drew. It was fun giving younger and older listeners relationship advice.

It definitely made me realize that relationships are crazy and the more you learn the harder it is to have a good one! I just don't want to settle, so my standards are very high. Some of the things these people were asking were just weird!!

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I didn't care whom Kori talked to! It’s annoying that everyone thinks I controlled these girls that much! My only advice was not to be two faced. Kori would talk to Nikki and Lauren one minute and then make fun of them when she was with us. That was it! Couldn’t have cared less! She remained team Char!

When Nikki was hooking up with her friend in the bed next to me I didn't even hear them. Honestly it was so hot that I didn't care to leave my room and neither did Lauren, so what is the big deal? I definitely wasn't surprised that she would bring a homeless person home to compete with me. Nikki is no competition and does not bring home the type of men I like and attract! I'd much rather stay single than to hook up with random people. I've always been this way! To this point I have not seen a guy in LA worth my time, so why bother? So my roommates think I'm cool! Right...I'll pass...survey says...#getalifeandworryboutyourown!

I don't remember when Kori was insulting the guy I was at the club dancing with and honestly if I didn't throw a stink about it, I probably didn't care enough! Trust, you will know when Char really likes a guy! I stop at nothing!

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The girls did that a lot when I would talk to guys. It’s like they wanted my undivided attention always.

The survey says the tension between Ashley and Kori was caused by…CHAR! Kori was my girl and I think she thought Ashley was stepping on her toes a bit. They had a rivalry from the time Ash entered the house.

I didn't care to get off the phone when Ashley and Kori were fighting! I was tired of the petty fights and everyone saying what I do and what I don't do. I had decided way before that fight that I was staying out of everyone else's drama. I wanted to have fun and see what people would do when I didn't have an opinion either way on their actions. At that point, Jessica was my rider and I'd only step in if it would cause her to go home. I didn't really know that Lauren was trying to comfort Kori after her fight with Ashley. I'm sure she was getting tired of Nikki and needed a way out. So that was a good way to incorporate herself back to team Char. They always come back to my side. Please remember this!

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