BGC 6 Soundtrack: Episode 12

Looks like Nikki is the outsider once again. In the latest episode of Bad Girls Club, practically every girl in the house made it known that they don't like Nikki - even her former BFF Lauren. Nikki gets Wilmarie and Lauren so heated that the two put vasoline all over themselves to prepare for battle. All the while, Nikki sat downstairs and waited for the final straw. Eventually when she had pushed Wilma's buttons far enough, the two went at it. And Wilma didn't even bother to put a shirt on. With the season finale coming up next week, how do you think this season is going to end for Nikki? Is she going to remain an army of one or will her and Lauren kidd and make up?

PHOTOS: Nikki and Wilma start and end the same way -- here are the pictures to prove it!

With fights, parties, tears, and hookups this episode had it all. Here's the music that made it in to this jam packed episode:

Apple Horse - “Filthy”

Darling Thieves – Free Without You”

Modern Sex Trash – Less Real”

Killola – 1-2-3-4

November - “Sugarfree”

Monster Goes Rawrr - “I Have A Black Belt In Awesome”

Radagun - “Party Girl”

See what the girls had to say about Army of One in their latest blogs and make sure to watch a sneak peek of next week's season finale!
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