Will Char Steal the Spotlight from Tanisha?

While Bad Girls fans have a lot to say about Char this season, it seems like Char doesn’t mind talking back. Char had some fun on Twitter yesterday, expressing her thoughts to all the “haters” out there. But personally, my favorite tweet came in the middle of many 140-character rants from @CharBGC6

“If u really wanna no, I been told I've an ego similar to Kanye..on some real sh#t I'd be mad 2 if I had 2 watch every scene about Char ass ?”

Char is totally comparing herself to Kanye West! I guess depending on how you feel about the rapper may determine how you feel about Char. They are both controversial to say the least. But say upstaging Taylor Swift at an awards show is some real superstar status type behavior. Char might be on her way by having Kori and Jessica fight her fights, but she’s probably not there just yet. 

We’ll find out if she takes over the spotlight from Bad Girl fav Tanisha this Monday when she calls into OxygenLive.com. Also the two might exchange words in our second ever Afterparty! Char and Lauren spend time on the couch this time around, answering questions about their rocky relationship. Who will emerge from the Afterparty unscathed – Lauren or Char? Will Tanisha pop off on both of them??

The Afterparty starts 10 PM EST/PST on Monday night, 2/21, right after a brand new episode of Bad Girls Club. See a sneak peek of what’s going down on Monday’s new episode here. And check out photos and quotes from Char in a special gallery featuring what she has to say to fans and haters alike!

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