Jen on Episode 8: Weak Sauce

Let me start off with all of us girls had been talking about getting a new roommate and none of us really wanted a new roomie. We were over it and didn't want it. I personally didn't want a new girl in my room because I knew no one would fill Ashley's shoes as being an amazing roommate whom I missed dearly. With that said, when Wilmarie got into the limo I did say something along the lines of “what are you from the Flintstones?” and Nikki was saying how she wanted the "newbie" in her room so she could mess with her mattress and sh*t. Wilmarie didn't appear to be happy and excited to be in the Bad Girls Club house and I had gotten a negative vibe off her so I wasn't feeling the need to get to know her. I was just going to let it be. How could I forget her cocktail dress? It was the best. Who is getting married and where is the wedding?

First off I didn't get UPSET when Wilmarie asked to use the phone. I was ANNOYED because in the back of my head I knew Nikki was going to start something which ding ding ding of course I was right. Shortly after, she did. Wilmarie asked how much longer I was going to be and I had just happened to get on the phone so I wasn't getting off of it right away. She kept asking so that's what made me get up and tell her to wait outside the phone room until I was done. Then she decided to get all excited over not being able to call her boo. She just proceeded to start a fight and show how tough she was and this was all over the phone. It was funny to me. She was another grandma like Char coming into the Bad Girls Club at 27-years-old because her life sucks. Trying to fight a 22-year-old was very classy and oh so bad.

No one helped me during the fight with Wilmarie because I handle my own battles. I think if it had gotten to a point where I needed "backup" Jess or Kori would have been right there to help. Jess was right there for the entire fight and if she felt like she needed to step in I know she would have. Since I was handling "whatchu doin whatchu doin" just fine by myself, Jessica knew I didn't need her help.

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I called Wilmarie the "replacement" totally because I was in the heat of the moment and I am a replacement so I wouldn't use that against her and mean it. There were a lot of other things said in the heat of the moment because when I am heated, angry, and screaming my mouth has no filter. Like I said in my audition tape and it just goes and goes and goes until I feel satisfied. It wasn't only the fact that it was in the heat of the moment but Nikki had me more annoyed then Wilma. I never begged for Nikki to not side with Wilma and make it 2 against 1 Jersey. I told Nikki at the bar for Wilma's first night that she was going to pull that and side with Wilma and make it 2 against 1 Jersey because I knew Nikki's games before she even did them at this point. The entire time at the bar Nikki was talking to me, and then went over to Wilma and would talk to her. Nikki bought me and Jess dessert at the bar and was acting all cool with me and then she pulled her games at the house. Nikki never got in my face or touched me until Wilma came because she felt like she had a sidekick. She felt that Wilma -- unlike Lauren -- would follow through 100% and help her do whatever she wanted.

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I didn't come into the Bad Girls Club to find a family, sisters, sorority, or best friends, I have my one of a kind Italian family at home and my best friends that I know are real true friends to me. I wasn't against anyone that felt they were but I came into the house in the middle of everything and after just a few weeks I wasn't able to consider anyone family or a sister. I think if I agreed and said the girls were my family I would not only be lying but that would be a laughing joke to the world. So many of the girls were talking sh*t on other girls so why would I consider girls that are being fake my family? I didn't know what the girls were saying about me behind my back so I wasn't going to be stupid and play into the "family" idea. It is the familyBad Girls Club people. Contrary to not wanting a family, I was open to building a friendship if I genuinely clicked with any of the girls and I did. Some of the girls are still my friends now.

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