Lauren on Episode 1: It's Hotter In Hollywood

She instigated a fight, so she got one.

I think the fight between Nikki and Jade was stupid, but I think that Nikki made it bigger than it was. It was clear that Nikki wanted to divide the house right away, so she started a fight out of whatever she could. Obviously Jade was drunk and a little rude, but wtf did Nikki expect? Don’t block the f*cking stairs. You’re looking for trouble doing little nit- picky things like that. Things would have ended differently if Nikki would have just talked to Jade the next day, but instead she hid her bags, threw her makeup and terrorized her from the beginning. She instigated a fight, so she got one.

I hate that Jade left because I know I would have enjoyed my experience much more had she been there, but I understand that it just wasn’t for her. I was closest to her in the house, however, as crazy as it sounds, it could be good that she left, because that means she didn’t stick around long enough for the house/girls to get the best of us and turn us against one another.

If Nikki treated me the same way that she did with Jade I think I would have reacted the same way Jade did, maybe worse. I’m not a very emotional person, so I don’t cry that often. I probably would have been much more angry/violent. But then again who knows? It’s really hard for me to speak on a subject when I’m not in the heat of the moment. All I know is that Jade held her own against Nikki. She was never afraid of her.

I see myself bonding with Jade the most out of all of the girls. Maybe it’s because we all went out together the first night, but we just clicked from the beginning and were together every second until she left. I think if Jade would have stayed, the whole experience would have been MUCH different. I loved Jade because of her openness/bluntness.

I’ll bring the most drama. Whenever I’m out, I’m always *front and center.* I refuse to fall behind anyone and positive OR negative, I love attention. Therefore I’ll do what I need to do to get it. I don't really get embarrassed, so I won't be worrying about upholding any image. I could get beat up and I'll still walk away acting as if I had won! I have no recollection of the first night, so I won’t know until I see it, but chances are if I saw a fight going down between Nikki and Jade, that’s probably why I fought with Jessica. I like things to be about me haha. (:

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