Lauren on Episode 11: Don't Hate La Playa

We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together and it really started to agitate me.The fight with Wilmarie and Nikki was a tough one for me. I liked  Wilma at the time and still do. There were a couple of different things  that made the Nikki and Wilma fight different from that of the fight between Jessica and I. First of all, let it be known that I never asked Nikki to defend  me. We were both always in agreement that we fought our own battles.  The fact that she hit Jessica was on her own account. That aside, Nikki,  at the time that Jessica and I fought, was not on good terms with  Jessica for whatever reason. Therefore, I felt that Nikki had her own  reasons for hitting Jessica aside from just defending me. I had no  issues with Wilma. What kind of person would I be to hit someone who I  am friends with, when Nikki hit her first? I did try to stop the two from  fighting, but to physically put my hands on Wilmarie on Nikki's behalf wasn't something I was going to do. I let Nikki know after the Wilma fight if she ever needed my help to just say the word, but I would never hit Wilma. It's hard finding yourself caught between two friends. I did  what I thought was best and people will take it how they take it.

I had never left the country before Mexico and the trip was a lot of  fun. The best part was honestly just getting out of LA and the same  routine that we all had going on. The worst part was what happened  between Nikki and me. We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together  and it really started to agitate me. The first night in Mexico, Nikki  was just on an entirely different level. I'm all down for being friends with someone but it got to the point where she would talk over me and I  couldn't even finish a sentence. I have an extremely short fuse and  Nikki really set me off. Additionally, when I did choose to remove myself from Nikki, she went and threw a little tantrum and said a lot of  things to me in the van on the way to the club. After she was done, she  tried to act like she had said nothing. I’m not sure what kind of  person would let that slide but I’m not one of them. I can break friendships as quickly as I make them, and I don't take any sh*t. Just  because I'm passive and not into dominating others doesn't mean I'm a  follower. Piss me off one good time and you'll see that.

Aside from Nikki talking over me, she always felt the need to treat the Bad Girls Club like a game.  I didn't care, because I don't try and tell other people what to do.  However, it was annoying that Nikki would always try and play both sides. She hit Jessica in the face and then proceeded to try and be her  friend. She would bad-mouth Char and Kori and then be nice to them. I  also became aware that Nikki was increasingly jealous of the fact that Kori and I were re-building our relationship. Nikki tried to be nice to everyone, while I was nice to who I wanted to be nice to. I hung around Kori, but did anyone ever see me talking to Char? No.

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My opinions shift on a daily basis. I have never apologized for this  and I never will. Kori and I got along from the beginning until Char  started to manipulate her. When Kori and I became friends again, it  seemed as though nothing had changed. The only reason Kori and I ever  fought was because of Char, and when she realized that, things went back  to normal. I think the biggest factor in the downfall of my friendship with Kori was the fact that she never liked Nikki. As Nikki and I became  closer, Kori kept her distance. Not from me, but from Nikki. I, of  course, never saw it that way until Mexico. As far as things went with Jessica, we always had a weird mutual understanding. No matter how much we fought, at the end of the day we were both easy-going forgiving girls who made each other laugh. People will never understand this, and it's  too exhausting to explain. Bottom line, we both love to have fun. If  that means putting aside our differences to do so, Jessica and I would  do it. Wilma and I were always cool. I never had a problem with her and I  kept it that way.

The fight between Nikki and Wilma after Mexico was necessary. At this  point, I understood that they had problems that would definitely lead  to violence. I don’t think Nikki realized who she was dealing with. The  one thing that made me even angrier was the fact that Nikki chose to put  my name into her argument with Wilmarie as well. I’m not sure what she  was going for, but it was a good thing she liked to stand alone, because no one was there to help her -- except for maybe Char who was probably downstairs being two-faced.
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