Lauren on Episode 2: Broverload

Now that Jade is gone, Nikki has started to play jokes on everyone in the house. At this point I’m sick of it, and call her out on talking behind peoples backs, and acting like she’s 5 years old.

I was told that Nikki laughed about cutting Kori’s hand, which makes her seem like a terrible person. Later, Nikki told me that it had been an accident.

At first, Nikki had played a prank on everyone but me. But then, Jessica found our shoes hidden under a couch. At that point, I was done with her antics. It sucked because I was actually starting to get along with Nikki, but then she was even talking about her best friend in the house (Jessica). I just let Nikki know that if she couldn’t even be loyal to the one she was closest to, how could I trust her?
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