Nikki on BGC 6 Reunion Part 2

I knew the friendships that I had in the house would not be the friendships I had outside the house. Contrary to popular belief, Jade and I made up at the photoshoot. She and I are really good friends and we try and see each other as much as possible when I’m in LA visiting Kamran. I’m moving to LA this summer, so it’s inevitable that we will hang. She’s absolutely hilarious and she and I gel really well. I wish we didn’t start off on such a sour note, as I think we could have been really close in the house!

Amber M and I are really close. I’m surprised she kept her appearance at the Reunion a secret from me! Nonetheless, I love the both Kristen and Amber. Being that all three of us were the baddest in each of our seasons, it was only natural that we would get along. Any time that I’m in LA I always manage to grab a cocktail on Sunset with Amber, or rendezvous with Kristen at some of our favorite gay bars in WeHo. Twin and the girls are cool, too, and it’s not rare that he passes out on their couch every once in a while…


Since the Bad Girls Club, I finished up my last few classes and am officially graduating from the University of Colorado with a double major in Marketing and Management. My website,, has links to my personal blog, fitness tips, upcoming events, as well as what to expect with my newest projects. And for all of those still asking…no, this isn’t the last time that you’ll be seeing me on television (obviously)!

Obviously I speak to both Char and Jade the most. How funny?! I knew the friendships that I had in the house would not be the friendships I had outside the house, and I was content with that. I am on talking terms with most of the former minions, but don’t really speak much to them because they are still pretty angry about how they were portrayed on television. Not my problem, I’m living my life to the fullest (as always).

PHOTOS: Look back through the Mexico trip where Nikki and Char finally made amends.


Final words: Brotate and tan with it, HO!

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