Wilmarie on Episode 12: Army of One

I wanted Nikki to punch me in the face so she could be sent home. I don't regret punching Nikki at all and I would do it again. I will never be cool with Nikki. She's fake and I don't associate myself with fake people. In my life, I don't regret anything at all!

Like I said before, I wanted Nikki to hit me first because: 1. I don't hit anyone until they hit me first and I finish it, and 2. I wanted to see if she would punch me so she could get kicked out the house. Me hitting Nikki first was because I was already sick and tired of her, and I knew she wasn’t going to punch me the 3rd time, so I told myself F it – I’m hitting her first and leaving this house.


I didn’t care about getting kicked out of the Bad Girls House because I knew I was going to stay in touch with the girls I liked. They weren’t dying. I wasn’t dying. I was just going home. BGC was vacay time for me. I had fun. I went to Mexico. What more could I ask for? It was my time to go, so I left.

Nikki, go f*ck yourself! To the rest of the girls, I heart you all! MUAH!
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