Wilmarie on Episode 13: Only The Bad Remain

I decided to leave BGC because I had enough with Nikki I wanted to settle it at the Bad Girls house and not at the reunion like most people do. I didn't care if I would get kicked out. We were all leaving soon anyways and just thinking about being in a house with Nikki for 3 more days without giving her an ass whooping wasn't happening. I knew it was my time to go. I guess Nikki wanted to prove that she could kick me out the house but NEWS FLASH: I GOT MYSELF OUT THE HOUSE! I will never be friends with Nikki point period dot com.

The short time I was in the Bad Girls Club was the best times for me. I partied hard, I danced, drank and met some awesome girls. I loved my girls Jessica, Lauren and Kori. I talk a lot with Jessica. She's such a great friend. I came in with a bang and I left with a bang. I wasn't leaving the way Jen left. I knew I would always leave with a bang. That's just me. I think we'll be friends for a long time. I talk with Lauren over text and Twitter. I love that girl too.

If I were an original Bad Girl, Nikki wouldn't have lasted not even a week! And Char wouldn't be saying she was head b*tch in charge! Can you imagine me, Jessica, Sydney and Lauren in the same house? Crazy.

Check me out at the reunion next week. I’ll be the one shutting the mouths of the two that keep saying they ran the house. NO ONE ran that house!

My advice for next season’s Bad Girls: Hahaha good luck!! Not everyone is made for the BGC.
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