Wilmarie on Episode 9: Power Trippin

Looking back I do think it was necessary to act the way I did with Jen. The reason why is because I would never let someone disrespect me to that point and I showed her that she was messing with the wrong chick. I do not regret anything I did to Jen at that point in time. If you respect me, I will respect you but if you try and step on me. I will put you in your place. Jen disrespected me so I put her in her place.

Jen was ready to go. What Nikki, Lauren and I did was just an extra push for her to leave the house faster. There was so much tension in the house. The other girls like Jessica, Char, Kori don't want any part of what we were doing. They didn’t even want to bother with me because they thought maybe I was like Lauren and Nikki trying to get at them too but I wasn’t. I had no problems with the other girls. They hadn’t done anything to me so there shouldn't be any reason why I should not talk to them.

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The reason I said I was going to watch myself with Nikki was because I started seeing that she was a little bipolar. One minute she would say "bro I love Jessica" then she would sucker punch her. Out of nowhere she was in Jessica's room crying to her after she sucker punches her, while Lauren her bff is downstairs crying. To me that’s someone shady and people that are shady I keep my eye on them.


I knew from the first day I met Nikki that me and her would bump heads. The first night meeting her after the limo we went to the bar I saw her playing both sides with me and Jen. I even told her are you the type to play both sides she said "never". After we kicked Jen out of the house I told her: "You will see next it will be you and me." She said: "never bro you're totally different I don't even see you as a replacement" but my gut feeling was telling me that me and Nikki would bump heads later on.

I just started seeing Nikki’s true colors like she would talk sh*t behind the other girls’ backs then when she would see them around the house she would talk to them like they were her buddies. It was weird to me to sh*t talk about someone behind their back but then smile at them and try to get the person’s attention every morning. Then Nikki would come to me and Lauren and say "bro they were kissing my ass this morning." I was like, is this girl insane? I just saw YOU kissing THEIR asses! To me Nikki is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. End of story! If you don't know who that is go read the book, watch the old school movie, and then you'll be like daaaaaamn that is Nikki.

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