Angelic on BGC 702

I didn't have much to say about Judi destroying Tasha’s bed. It’s not my place. I had nothing to do with it, I was an innocent bystander. But I was furious when Judi denied she did it. I mean, it’s her mess. She should have owned up to what she did and cleaned it up.

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By the time we went out the second night, I was pretty much fed up with Judi’s behaviors. I started to realize that she is a bit odd. Like, I can roll with you if you’re a bit of a nut-case because I give everyone a chance. But there is a difference between being crazy and being insane and out of control.

When Judi got kicked out of the club, I was just like “you know what, I tried to help this girl and keep it real and she definitely played me”, so I was done. She burned her bridge with me, and I washed my hands of her. By this point, I just could not take her 800 different personalities, and my room was always a mess because she would start fighting with people. Oh hell no, it was time for her to go!


But then Judi and I talked it out and she apologized. I just let it go because I can tell that Judi is a very different person. She has her own personality. I've never met someone like her and I really didn't understand her, but people are still entitled to second chances. I don’t forget though. I will be cordial with her but I won’t ever trust her again.

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