Angelic on BGC 706

I think the girls just wanted me to pick a side because they were at war with one another, and needed more people on their side. But this is not high school; we’re adults so let’s act like adults! I can be friends with whomever I want, so they just need to get the hell over it!

Tasha was definitely crushing on Fontino, but he just was not that into her. She should buy that book ''He’s just not that into you''! When he went over to Tiara, it was funny! I really didn't care about it.

It came out of nowhere when Shelly called me a liar. It was the four of us who said we would come back, not only me. She needed to correct her point of view and not pin point me and accuse me for something that wasn’t just my fault. Basically she lit the fire and I brought the flames!

After everything Shelly ended up taking care of me when I got sick. All the girls were helping, but she really stood by me. It was a shock that the girl I just argued with was tending to me the most. It definitely showed me another side of her and changed my opinion of her from that point on.

Shelly did cause the start of the whole ''limo fight'' but that's what she felt like doing I guess. I can’t blame her for everyone else's actions at the time. We were all drunk and it was a chain reaction.
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