Angelic on BGC 707

This episode’s limo fight was different from previous weeks because this fight was just the breaking point of everything. This was where everyone exploded and everyone actually went to war.

I don’t like having someone in control of me so I was a bit uneasy about being arrested but for the most part it was just whatever. I wanted to get it over with so I could go back and continue the ass whoopings!

I actually was okay in jail. It was fine besides being behind bars and all the extra stuff. Shelly and me were dancing in there and she even gave me a foot massage! :)

Me and Tiara were extremely close, so when I saw her choose sides between me and Stasi, I was kind of in shock. Like I felt she should have taken herself out of the equation because we were both her friends. Knowing that me and her were closer than her and Stasi, it was just a shocker on how she acted towards me all of a sudden.

It was nice to take a break from the drama in the house. The lingerie fashion show was fun. It was something new and exciting for me to do.

Me and Tiara started fighting in the strip club because there was still a lot of tension built up from our previous fight. I am not one to sit back and just chill when I’m in attack mode. When she looked at me the wrong way, I said what I felt like saying and there you have it. Round 2!

When I saw that Tiara scratched my face, I was freaking livid. Like don’t scratch me! Punch me! Like seriously, use your damn fist. If you scratch someone that is not a real fight! Scratching is a b*tch move and only people who can’t fight,
scratch. That’s not cool!

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