Judi on BGC 706

I really didn’t care about my fight in the confessional with Shelly. I was just happy I wasn’t going home. But I was upset about seeing Shelly at the house. I thought she would have maybe gone home.

I didn’t feel guilty about hooking up with my guy when Shelly was in the room with me. I tried to be nice because everybody had a problem last time when I did it in the confessional. No matter where I did it somebody was going to complain, so I might as well have just done it in my bed!

What happened that night was “OC”! That means outta control. Which means it’s about to get crackin’. LOL.

I thought it was hysterical what happened with Fontino. I was happy that my girl took him from Tasha. Wait she didn’t—he wanted her! Go Tiara.

When Shelly threw her drink at me, I felt she was acting so dumb. Its old now, no one cares anymore about what she does. She’s so dramatic and always makes a huge deal about every little comment. Everyone knows she’s going to do something stupid to me eventually.
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