Shelly on BGC 706

Coming back into the house after my fight in the confessional with Judi was not different at all. She is crazy for sure. For a second she really thought she kicked my ass. It was so funny. I was like ummmmm you pulled my hair dumbass. She knew that she went too far and got what she deserved when I had her on the floor. I actually was thinking maybe now she will calm down. But walking in that house my expectations were never really too high now.

Angie started to drift away from her group and hang out with me more. I didn’t really feel one way or another. I believe being in that house you need to do you, and you can hang out with whoever you want as long as you’re being real with them while you are. Angie was always a fun person to be around so her hanging out with us more was a good thing to me. But I would never judge her for hanging out with the other girls because everyone is grown and can do what they want to do.

Tasha and Tiara were going for the same guy -- Fontino with the dreads. OMG I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT. Next…

The other girls did not come back home to pick us up before going out. I do not blame them for being mad at all. However, I do think it was f*cked up that they went to the club WE set up for the night. The owner gave us that table because of us, not them. So basically they went into that club looking stupid.

Regardless of that drama, after the club all of us were just chillin’ and talking in the limo. Then, Judi had to just open her stupid, drunk mouth again and started talking smack. I thought, hey we are not in public. We are in our limo! Now I can throw a drink to try and shock the girl back to reality.
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